Answering Common Questions on TMJ Disorders

Mar 16, 2019

Many people may have not heard about TMJ disorder, which is regarded as a dental problem. Since people have limited knowledge or awareness on this dental issue, they commonly come up with some questions. What is a TMJ disorder? How can it be treated? Many such questions come to the mind of people. In the following section, few common questions regarding TMJ disorder are listed up. Possible answers to these questions are also discussed.

How TMJ disorder occurs?

TMJ stands for Temporomandibular Joint. In simple words, it refers to the jaw joints of human beings. People, having TMJ disorder, would experience sharp pain or soreness on the jaw joint. When I experience TMJ pain, what exactly is happening? You would find extremely discomfort in moving your jaws due to pain at jaw joint areas. This happens as you are probably suffering from TMJ disorder. If you notice such issues with your jaws, you need to consult an experienced dentist soon. For that purpose, you can visit Anchorage Dental Arts.

How people feel when suffering from TMJ disorder?

Temporomandibular Joint is an important part of our face area, as this joint connects mandible or lower jaw to the skull. The joint can be found at the both right and left sides of the jaw. This type of joint is recognized as ball and socket joint. There is a small cushioning disk in between the ball and socket. So, how do I know if I have TMD? Due to damages to the cushioning disk, one can feel pain on the moving the jaws. This condition is known TMJ disorder, and the pain can be felt, especially when you try to move the jaw for talking, eating, etc.

What are the common symptoms of TMJ Disorder?

There are a few common symptoms to recognize this disorder and they are:

  • You can experience clicking sound on jaw when you try to move jaw. This is a common symptom of TMJ disorder.
  • Muscle pain at cheek and temple area is also a symptom of TMJ disorder.

Now, the question is if diagnosed, what can I expect from treatment? Different treatments are available, including anti-inflammatory medicines, hot and cold compresses, etc. For treatment, you can visit Anchorage Dental Arts.