Could Oral Facial Therapy Be the Answer for Sleep Apnea?

Apr 25, 2019

Are you trying to sleep but not able to pull throughout the night? If this is the case, then there are chances that you are suffering from the problem called sleep apnea. This problem happens with many people because they aren’t able to breathe properly throughout their sleep.

What is Sleep Apnea?

Sleep apnea means frequently awakening during sleep because the airways collapse. There are mostly three types of sleep apnea

  • Central apnea: This happens when your diaphragm and chest is not able to pull air properly
  • Obstructive apnea: In this, there is some blockage in the airway between the passage from nose to lungs
  • Hybrid: This is the combination of both

Signs and Symptoms of Sleep Apnea

There are many signs and symptoms from where you can identify sleep apnea, such as daytime sleepiness, waking up with a dry mouth, morning headaches, concentration problem and so on. Even snoring is another indication that you may have sleep apnea.

You Don’t have to Be Obese to Suffer from Sleep Apnea

You are suffering from sleep apnea for a long period of time. Now you feel that you need to suffer from that because you are obese but that is not the case. Mostly CAPA is used to reduce the symptoms of the sleep apnea. If the problem is related to jaw bone or tongue, then talk to Anchorage Dental Arts or dentist near you. They would take care of that problem.

Oral Myofunctional Therapy Shown Effective for Sleep Apnea

Most of the people don’t know about this but it is one of the most effective ways to cure this problem. These are the sets of exercises which help to reduce the impact of sleep apnea. After this, the person is able to go to sleep for a longer period of time.

Although this therapy is widely known in Brazil, it is relatively unheard of in the US. As Joy explains:

In this study, the therapist trains the people on how to breathe, chew, swallow and so on. This helps them to breathe properly and this way they are able to change negative habits into positive ones.

According to a 2007 case report published in International Archives of Otorhinolaryngology:

In this research, speech therapy is used to deal with sleep apnea because it has a direct relation with oral mobility.

There are many home testing technologies which are available nowadays. These help to measure your snoring with iPhone apps or Android apps. They record the sound of sleep, blood pressure and so on. Some of them even tell you that whether you need to visit a doctor or not.