Understanding the bad side of root canal treatments

The Bad Side Of Root Canals: Making An Informed Decision

Jun 01, 2019

Root canals have become a common procedure. But is there a bad side to them? This is something that’s rarely considered by anyone. In conventional dentistry, it seems to be the only solution that can fix the infected tooth. Let’s discuss about the procedure and dangers associated with it.

What Is a Root Canal?

Canals are what house the pulp of the teeth, containing nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissue. When decay extends into the pulp, it gets infected and inflamed and can lead to pain or an abscess of infection. For relieving the pain and preserving the tooth, the dentist in 99503 will clean the infected pulp and replace it with a filling and place a crown on the top.

Is a Root Canal the Right Choice?

It’s not a right choice according to a lot of holistic doctors and dentists.

You can’t fully sterilize an infected tooth

Though the dentist will tell you they can, many studies show that there is no way you can fully sterilize all bacteria in an infected tooth. It’s important to get the treatment done by the best dentist.

Many root canals are done wrong leading to worse issues

While some root canals are done correctly, many are not. The dentist may miss one of the canals leading to festering of bacteria in the canal and eventual abscess. This will need the procedure to be re-done eventually.

What Is the Alternative to a Root Canal?

Extraction is the only way to completely remove the infection from your body and burden from your immune system. The dentists are taught to remove the tooth but leave your periodontal ligament. Most experts suggest removing the ligament along with one milimeter of the bony socket to reduce the risk of developing an infection from bacterial infected tissues left behind.

In Conclusion

Root canals can be dangerous as there are stories of people who are left with illness until they remove their root canals and amalgams.

Find a Biological Dentist:

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