The Root of the Problem: Correcting Harmful Misconceptions About Root Canal Treatments

Jul 08, 2019

You can find a lot of material online, which misinforms people on dental issues and procedures. Misinformation is always damaging and it especially holds true, when it comes to medical issues explains the dentist in 99503. You can find many myths and false concepts about root canal treatment also. However, they are not true and will only confuse the patients. It’s better to schedule an appointment with the dentist and get your queries addressed. Lets’ bust some myths about root canal procedure.

Myth: Root Canal Treatments Cause Cancer And Other Illnesses

In 1920s, a doctor presented a research stating that bacteria accumulate in the branching tubes or canals in the dentin after root canal treatments. They leak from there and cause chronic diseases. However, the scientific studies contradict these beliefs. Also, the research was performed a century ago, which lacks many aspects of the modern scientific research. So, there’s no scientific evidence, which links root canal treatment with cancer and other illnesses.

Myth: Root Canal Procedure Is Painful

The root canal treatment is known for being one of the most painful dental procedures. The belief comes from the fact that the tooth is drilled for removing the decayed pulp and the infected part is scraped away. The procedure sounds painful. However, with the anesthetics and sedation dentistry in Anchorage coming into the picture, the patient doesn’t feel any pain during the procedure. In fact, the procedure aims at removing the cause of pain, i.e. decay and infection. Even if you experience some pain or mild discomfort after the procedure, it can be managed with OTC medications.

Myth: Teeth Pulling Is Better Than Undergoing A Root Canal Treatment

This is absolutely incorrect belief. The dentist always tries to save your natural tooth for as long as possible, as there’s nothing better than your natural teeth. The root canal procedure tries to save your natural tooth and restore its look and function. Though you can get a missing tooth replaced, it won’t ever be as great as your natural tooth with root that offers stimulation to the jaw bone.