What Are the Solutions for a Missing Tooth?

What Are the Solutions for a Missing Tooth?

Apr 04, 2022

Have you lost a tooth and are wondering how you can replace it to close the gap between your teeth and prevent the consequences of tooth loss? Rest assured, plenty of options is currently available to replace missing teeth. The solutions help you to show off your beautiful smile and also help maintain good overall health.

Tooth decay is a familiar reason why many people lose their teeth. However, injuries and gum disease are also reasons for tooth loss that might make you seek replacements for the missing teeth. Regardless of why you lost your teeth besides a large number of other people, dentistry advances now ensure multiple solutions are available for you to replace one or several teeth in your mouth.

What Solutions Can You Expect to Replace Missing Teeth?

If you underwent tooth extraction Anchorage on an interior or posterior tooth, the dental professional would promptly discuss various tooth replacement solutions with you to help you avoid embarrassment because of the missing tooth.

Dental Implants

If you are in good physical and oral health, the Anchorage dentist recommends you have dental implants placed in your mouth to substitute for the missing tooth appearing and functioning like your natural teeth. Dental implants are the gold standard for replacing missing teeth but require a surgical process and plenty of healing time. If you have a single missing tooth in the anterior region of your mouth, you find dental implants Anchorage an ideal option than bridges or dentures. However, you must prepare yourself for the surgical process and considerable expenditure if you intend to replace missing teeth with dental implants.

Fixed Bridges

Fixed bridges help bridge the gap between one or multiple missing teeth. You can have fixed bridges by scheduling a couple of appointments with the Anchorage dentist because the process entails placing dental crowns on the two neighboring teeth to the missing tooth with a Pontic between them. If you don’t want to undergo the dental implant procedure or do not qualify for the treatment, you can consider fixed bridges that appear, function, and feel like your natural tooth. Best of all, fixed bridges don’t require removal for cleaning and are a cost-effective option compared to dental implants.

Resin Retained Bridge

If you are anxious about dental work and prefer a conservative procedure to replace your missing front tooth, you can have resin retained bridges that are less invasive than fixed bridges. A fixed bridge is an excellent option if you need a bridge for teeth for chewing purposes. However, if you want to improve your aesthetic appearance, you find a resin retained bridge ideal for your situation. Resin retained bridges attach to the neighboring teeth on either side of the gap by metal wings or porcelain framework. Resin retained bridges are not as durable as fixed bridges or implants, but they are more cost-effective than the other two solutions.

If you are not in favor of the solutions described, you can always request your dental professional for a partial denture which you can wear during the day. Partial dentures have metal clasps to help them stay in place in your mouth.

Dentures are tried and tested solutions that have been around for over a century. They are not the most comfortable and are likely to shift and slip in your mouth when speaking or eating. However, dentures are conservative and affordable and do not require any tooth preparation or surgery. You merely need to provide impressions of your teeth to the dentist to have your artificial tooth custom created by a prosthodontist.

Alternatives for Tooth Replacement Solutions

If you don’t want any tooth replacement solution after losing a tooth, you have the option of doing nothing at all. Unfortunately, you must prepare yourself for the consequences of tooth loss which over time assume overwhelming proportions.

When you have a tooth extracted, or you lose it in an accident, the remaining teeth in your mouth begin shifting towards the edentulous gap to cause misalignments in your mouth. Misaligned teeth need orthodontic treatments costing more than replacing the lost tooth. You also become a victim of jawbone resorption, which occurs soon after tooth loss. Jawbone resorption makes your face sag and looks older besides loosening your other teeth. Most importantly, you face problems with indigestion because you cannot chew foods correctly. Therefore getting replacements for the missing tooth is an option you mustn’t avoid, especially if you want to prevent the consequences of tooth loss from affecting you.

Anchorage Dental Arts provides various tooth replacement solutions for single or multiple teeth. If you decide to replace the missing tooth, please contact them for a suitable solution.

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