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What is the Role of Diet on Dental Health?

Jul 01, 2020

Your diet plays a role in your overall health, so it is no surprise that your diet affects your dental health.

Everybody wants to have excellent oral hygiene and a healthy smile. You probably know that sugar, sodas, and candy are not suitable for your health. However, did you know that starchy food can also cause tooth decay? Your choice of foods affects your teeth and gums.

By choosing the foods and drinks that are good for your dental health, you can significantly lower the risk of cavities. That means limiting the amount of sugar will help prevent dental decay.

We have a colony of bacteria that produces an acid solution once they break the sugary foods. The acid attacks the enamel making them weaker and prone to decay.

Instead, substitute foods that promote good oral health. For instance, fresh grains and vegetables are lower in sugar and harder in water and fiber. The fiber acts help reduce the effects of sugar.

Choosing foods rich in vitamin C like citrus fruits and unsweetened juices may make dental health stronger. That is why people who regularly diet have a healthy body, a secure immunity system, and excellent dental health. Additionally, dairy products do not only include calcium but are also rich in vitamin B12, which helps strengthen gums.

What’s the Link Between Diet and Dental Health?

Your diet influences the dental health in various ways:

  • Missing teeth affect your nutrition

For protecting your body, balanced nutrition is critical. If you have balanced and adequate food, it makes the treatments of diseases easier as they help to support your immunity.

Having healthy teeth also influences the diet. Missing teeth affect how and what you eat. This will eventually impair your nutrition and compromise your immunity. Afterward, your body will not be able to resist diseases.

  • Poor diet Affects enamel.

Enamel is composed of calcium and phosphate. These minerals strengthen the teeth and keep them free of decay. Foods such as cakes, sodas, and chocolates can be hazardous for enamel.

There are many different bacteria in the mouth. While some bacteria are beneficial for dental health, some bacteria, on the contrary, cause harm. The bacteria in the mouth break down the sugary foods and produce acid, causing adverse effects. The acid solution strips the enamel of the essential minerals, which causes the teeth to become weaker.

The enamel can reverse the effects of demineralization using the minerals found in the saliva. This can prevent decay and strengthen enamel.

The more sugary foods you consume, the faster the tooth structure will change.

  • Proper nutrition also maintains healthy gums.

Consuming vitamin C helps with bleeding gums. The mineral found in oranges, carrots, and sweet potatoes helps tissue to grow and repair, which promotes wound healing and strengthens the bones. Vitamin C deficiency causes you to have swollen and bleeding gums.

What Other Ways You Can Improve Dental Health

Avoid consumption of sugary, acidic foods and drinks to protect your teeth and preserve your oral health. However, what are the other ways you can improve your dental health besides limiting unhealthy foods?

  • Get regular dental checkups.

It is important to schedule an appointment at least twice a year for a comprehensive dental examination. Although you clean your mouth at least twice or three times a day, a dental checkup is very significant as it helps the dentist detect dental problems early.

Oral hygiene is critical, but sometimes just brushing can be not enough. Use dental floss to clean the places that the toothbrush cannot reach. A tongue brush, especially if you complain about bad breath, is also important.

  • Fluoride treatments

Fluoride helps to strengthen the enamel and also prevent decay. Fluoride treatments are recommended for people who are prone to decay and cavities. Please speak to our dentist about fluoride treatments and their importance.

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