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Why Live with Misaligned Teeth When Invisalign Can Help You to Rectify the Problem?

Jan 01, 2020

Living with misaligned teeth would be a gross injustice in present times when various options are available to rectify the problem without even showing off the braces in your mouth. It is suggested that you have some sympathy for yourselves and attempt to correct the problem in your mouth with Invisalign braces as this is the perfect solution for your needs.

Why Consider Invisalign Clear Aligners?

Out of the many varieties available for rectifying the problem in your mouth, these clear aligners are the leading brand and one which is most popular is what your dentist will tell you. The braces were introduced way back in 1999 and since then the manufacturers have introduced an extensive range of braces suitable for different needs. Among the popular varieties introduced by the manufacturer is Invisalign express for minor dental corrections and Invisalign teen designed especially for teenagers.

Aren’t the Clear Aligners Expensive?

Yes, the clear aligners will cost you some extra money when compared to other varieties of teeth straightening methods that are also offered on the market. However, you will receive support from your insurers and may also be offered some help from the orthodontics practitioner you contact for the braces. The practitioner will not lower the prices but may offer you a flexible payment plan making it easy for you to have clear braces to straighten your teeth.

How to Choose the Perfect Braces for Straightening Teeth?

The best way forward would be to contact an orthodontist in Anchorage, Alaska, or nearby for Invisalign braces. The orthodontist will initially examine your mouth to understand whether you are a suitable candidate for these clear aligners. If you have a significant problem with the misalignment you may be recommended traditional metal braces as the better option for straightening your teeth. However, if you are found suitable the orthodontist will begin custom-designing the clear plastic aligners for you from dental scans or impressions.

Every aligner will be customized for your mouth and you will be required to change the aligner every two weeks for a new aligner until your teeth finally shift into a new position gradually. While the clear aligners will be invisible in your mouth you need to have them for at least 9 to 18 months. Therefore, you must be prepared for the long haul for rectifying the misalignments patiently.

Why Choose Clear Aligners over Other Varieties?

Traditional metal braces and even clear braces will remain constantly in your mouth until the problem you want correcting is rectified. You will also have to visit the orthodontist for adjustments regularly. Restrictions will be placed on the type of foods and beverages you can have and may also have difficulties maintaining your routine oral hygiene.

Invisalign clear aligners need to be worn for approximately 20 to 22 hours every day giving you the flexibility of removing them for about 2 to 4 hours. This is convenient because no time has been fixed when you can remove them. It simply means that the aligners can come off whenever you want to attend a meeting, a social obligation, or even have the foods and beverages you love. You will not be restricted from having any food or beverages but will only be advised to clean your teeth after having any foodstuff. Ignoring your oral care routine will allow bacteria to accumulate within the aligners making you a candidate for dental caries and periodontal infections.

How to Care for Invisalign Clear Aligners?

Caring for clear aligners is a requirement that you can accomplish easily with some help and advice from your orthodontist. When you remove the aligners and especially after you have eaten you should initially brush and floss your teeth and even provide similar attention to the aligners by cleaning them thoroughly with a cleanser recommended by the manufacturer. You can use a soft-bristled toothbrush for the cleaning before you place them back in your mouth. The orthodontist may be able to provide you the cleanser for the cleaning of the aligners because as a provider he or she would be a certified distributor of all products developed by the manufacturer.

Invisalign is providing you the best method to do away with misalignments in your mouth for leading a normal life. Using the aligners you will not be ashamed to display them before others confidently because they are barely noticeable. Invisalign is providing you a method of improving your smile secretly without the problem of wires in brackets in your mouth. Under the circumstances, you should prefer to have them right away by contacting the orthodontist nearby for the aligners that will make life easier for you in just about 18 months.

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