Emergency Dentistry When You Need Us Most

Anchorage Dental Arts is Alaska's Trusted Dental Clinic. Our dedicated staff offers emergency dental care Monday through Thursday, and we are proud to be the emergency dentist Anchorage turns to when it matters most.

The first thing we would like to determine is whether you need emergency room care. Call us immediately; we are happy to analyze the situation to decide whether or not you need emergency hospital care immediately. You might require hospital care if you suffer from uncontrollable and profuse bleeding, a dislocated jaw, fractured teeth or bones, or a life-threatening situation. In that case, we recommend visiting the closest emergency room. If you need an emergency dentist near me, we are happy to help offer first-aid advice and set follow-up appointments.

What To Do in a Dental Emergency

If you have a dental emergency, contact our offices right away. We see emergency dental patients Monday through Thursday, and outside those hours, we’ll do everything we can to assist you and direct you to the best possible solution.

See Dr. Robert Moorehead right away for an emergency consultation. We will offer relief from your pain and find the best treatment to tailor to your situation.

Determine which treatment plan is right for you. Once we have a treatment plan, we can begin work immediately. Our caring staff puts your needs first and works to find the most comfortable solution.

Emergency Situations and Steps to Follow

A dental emergency can occur in a couple of different ways. The emergency is usually the culmination of a prior dental issue. We can determine a course of action depending on the type and severity of pain and its complications. The other dental emergency we see most is the result of an accident. Trauma-based emergencies are often dealt with in an emergency room, but there are cases you can come directly to the dentist. We’ll advise you which course of action you should follow when you call.

From 8-5 Monday through Thursday, an emergency dental office is open now to address injury to the gums or tongue, a broken or loose tooth, fully dislodged teeth, a lost filling, unbearable toothaches, or a foreign object stuck in or under a tooth. Call us immediately if you are having an emergency.