FASTBRACES® Can Provide Straighter Teeth in Record Time

Time and comfort are two important factors for most patients when they’re considering a smile makeover. Thanks to the advancements made in orthodontic dentistry, patients in Anchorage can now have both from one treatment plan offered at Anchorage Dental Arts, LLC.

Start Noticing Straighter Teeth in a Matter of Days

With the use of FASTBRACES® in your smile makeover, you will start to notice straighter teeth in a matter of days, with full results often obtained in as few as 100 days.


The cutting-edge technology of FASTBRACES® is revolutionary in the orthodontic profession because it enables your dental provider to grow alveolar bone in order to straighten your teeth. The process also avoids the need for tooth extraction which is very common in other treatment modalities since FASTBRACES® brackets straighten the roots of the teeth to an upright position.

FASTBRACES® Perform Faster than Invisalign®

The treatment time for most patients who wear Invisalign® is about 12 months, and it includes wearing the aligners for 20-22 hours per day. While FASTBRACES® are worn for 24 hours a day, the treatment time can be as fast as 65 – 152 days! While both treatments require periodic visits to the dental office for monitoring and adjustment, and both have some minor discomfort associated with wear, FASTBRACES® have the obvious advantage of saving time in their course of treatment.

FASTBRACES® are Becoming the New Standard for Straighter Teeth

Patients all over the world, including right here in Anchorage, are raving about the results of FASTBRACES® to help them achieve straighter teeth in record time. In fact, many patients who are currently using other treatment modalities have upgraded to FASTBRACES® for two simple reasons. First FASTBRACES® take less time to straighten the teeth; and second, they help patients feel less anxious about having to wear braces.

Learn More About FASTBRACES® in Anchorage Today!

At Anchorage Dental Arts, LLC, we specialize in improving smiles in the least invasive, but most effective, way possible for all of our patients in Anchorage – and this includes the revolutionary new treatment of FASTBRACES®. If you want to learn more about FASTBRACES® and how they can help you or a family member achieve a straighter smile in record time, make your appointment today!