Root Canal Treatment (2)

Root Canal Treatment in Anchorage With an Experienced Team

An infected root canal can leave an individual in severe pain and discomfort. Thankfully, our team at Anchorage Dental Arts, LLC offers practical treatment options to maintain and restore oral health. What is a root canal? What are the symptoms of an infected root canal? What is involved in a root canal treatment in the Anchorage area? Continue reading to get the answers to these questions and see how our team can help to transform your smile.

What is a Root Canal ?

Every tooth contains a root canal on the inside. It is the area that contains the vital parts of the tooth such as the blood vessels, nerves and pulp. When this area is infected, a root canal treatment is often required right away. Without proper treatment, the pain and discomfort will only increase. Other issues, such as an abscess, can occur. If it goes on to far without a treatment, then the tooth will eventually need to be removed completely. A root canal treatment is the best way to maintain the structure and function of the tooth.

What is Involved in a Root Canal Surgery?

Prior to beginning your treatment, your Anchorage dentist will thoroughly examine the tooth and the affected area to make a diagnosis. Finding the right treatment for your situation is essential in ensuring an effective treatment. After deciding that a root canal treatment is good for your smile, your dentist will figure out the best anesthetic option for your situation. This will allow you to feel comfortable and without pain during the procedure. There are different levels of sedation that are used for different circumstances. Talk to your dentist to see which option is best for you. The treatment involves creating a small opening in the tooth with a dental drill. During this time, your dentist will clean out the area and disinfect the tooth. After the treatment is complete, your dentist will apply a restoration over the tooth for a strong finish that keeps the tooth protected.

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