Want to Correct Orthodontic Problems in Your Mouth Fast: FastBraces Are Your Solution

Dec 01, 2020

If you have orthodontic issues in your mouth, you may have resigned yourself to getting your teeth straightened with traditional fixed braces. You may also be concerned about how long it will take to complete the orthodontic treatment. We do not dispute your thinking but disagree with you because we believe orthodontic treatments are now completed faster than before, especially with innovations like FastBraces.

We are confident we have made you curious to learn about what is FastBraces. Let us explain further to put you at ease while informing you that FastBraces can straighten teeth in just 120 days. You probably think we are pulling your leg trying to make you believe orthodontic treatments to give you straighten your teeth are completed in only four months when the traditional method requires two to three years. Let us douse your curiosity further.

FastBraces: What Is It?

FastBraces is similar to traditional braces invented by an orthodontic specialist who received support for over ¼ of a century in research and development. The technology from FastBraces offers comprehensive orthodontics with patented braces to move the roots of your teeth quickly with light pressure with just some wires and adjustments to straighten your teeth safely and rapidly.

When you have crooked teeth receiving the appropriate orthodontic treatment depends on many factors. FastBraces and Invisalign aligners both move your teeth into the desired positions offering unique advantages and downsides that must be considered. You can discuss your options for straightening your teeth by visiting the dentist in Anchorage for a free consultation who recommends the optimal treatment for your unique requirements.

Should You Consider Innovations in Dentistry for Orthodontic Treatments?

The choice is entirely at your discretion. You are free to decide whether you want to have straighter teeth in just about four months or are prepared to wait for three years or more to you the desired results with traditional braces.

FastBraces utilize brackets that are uniquely shaped along with conventional wires to move the roots and Crown of your teeth. Tooth movements are controlled better by the triangular braces to make FastBraces an efficient orthodontic treatment from the Anchorage dentist.

You can discuss your needs with the dentist to determine whether you qualify for the treatment and decide on the classic or turbo series of FastBraces to straighten your teeth.

Is FastBraces Orthodontic Treatment Discreet like Invisalign?

FastBraces utilize brackets and wires for straightening teeth and cannot be considered as discreet as Invisalign. Transparent aligners are provided by Invisalign to straighten teeth gradually over 12 to 24 months. However, Invisalign is a treatment recommended for mild to moderate orthodontic issues and not severe complications in your mouth.

On the other hand, FastBraces, despite being visible in your mouth, provides efficient results for all types of misalignment you are affected by. However, you can rest assured your teeth are moved effectively by FastBraces with minimal discomfort compared to traditional braces. They will undoubtedly cause some irritation in your mouth, unlike Invisalign, which is entirely smooth. Therefore you must decide wisely after discussing your requirements with the Anchorage dentist.

How to Arrive at the Right Decision?

When considering an orthodontic option, there are many factors that must be considered. You may want to ask yourselves some questions before you head to the dentist for an orthodontic appliance that will let you have straighter teeth and a beautiful smile.

What are the questions you must consider?

  • Do you want to finish the orthodontic treatment within a few months?
  • Are you active in sporting activities?
  • Are you concerned about metal brackets on your teeth during sporting activities?
  • Is orthodontic problem affecting you mild or severe?
  • Do you suffer from any pain in the jaw that needs addressing?

The optimal method to determine whether you are suitable for FastBraces or must use alternative orthodontic treatments is to schedule an appointment with the dentist providing FastBraces. An evaluation of your mouth and the complexity of the situation will allow the dentist to determine which treatment is best for your requirements. However, you can rest assured that the traditional orthodontic treatments taking two to three years to correct the problems with your teeth are not the only options available. Alternatives are available to provide you straighter teeth and a better smile within 120 days or less to leave you happy with the treatment.